MAISVENTO is a company that offers its customers a quality service thanks to its best asset: a human, qualified, committed and professional


MAISVENTO becomes its partner for the operation and maintenance of wind installations delivering highest reliability and optimal profitability.

Currently, MAISVENTO is spread over three continents based on a heritage documenting more than 30 years in the power generation industries. These experiences allows us to guarantee the best strategies and solutions for our customers.

The expected useful life of wind turbines is over 25 years. MAISVENTO recognises the need of a high-quality service in wind power parks and makes available a deep knowledge of the energy sector to offer a high-qualified, professional and effective service in the renewable energy industry.

Its complete range of wind solution services corresponds to the ongoing commitment to maximize the value of the customer. MAISVENTO achieves this objective through improved reliability and the availability of the wind turbines which reduces downtime and extends the useful lives of assets of the wind turbine.